About Postdoc Appreciation Week Germany
Inspired by the celebration of the Postdoc Appreciation Week in the USA and the UK, the PAW Germany coordination team invited researchers and research institutions, postdoc coordinators and research administrators all over Germany to join us in creating a special program, events and a social media campaign to honor the incredible work of postdocs! The initiative was well taken and our colleagues and postdoc networks all over the country quickly put together a great program with a wide range of topics – most of them online and open for attendees from any institution in Germany.

Postdocs become the center and focus! It is a special week to highlight, recognise and celebrate all their contributions to research and academic life!


Institutions and networks host a variety of events and initiatives for postdocs all over Germany!


During the PAW's social media campaign, institutions and supervisors are encouraged to share their support and appreciation towards postdocs' contributions to research and academic life!


The Postdoc Appreciation Week offers many opportunities to meet and interact with other postdocs and academics all over Germany!

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