Recap 2022

PAW 2022 The first Postdoc Appreciation Week in Germany
This initiative started as a way to celebrate & showcase the fantastic contributions of postdocs in Germany to research, teaching, administration & more. In summer 2022, we reached out to institutions, networks, organisations and individuals supporting postdocs in Germany to make the Postdoc Appreciation Week an established celebratory week. We are absolutely overwhelmed by the positive responses – on a rather short notice. It is amazing to see that so many are supporting this initiative and are organising special events for postdocs during the PAW.
Institutions & Networks
PAW 2022 Participating Institutions and Networks
The first Postdoc Appreciation Week in Germany was supported by renowned German Institutions and Postdoc Networks. We are proud and grateful for their vast support. This week would have not been possible without all your contributions!
PAW 2022 Feedback
One of the aims of this week is to bring some of the pressing issues that postdocs face to the light. Therefore we collected feedback after the week. Here you can see some of the responses:

I really like the idea of raising awareness for Postdocs and the challenges they face, but also for their contribution in the scientific world. As a postdoc myself the PAW makes me feel more appreciated and seen.

Very good impression of the event and interesting topics relevant for postdocs.

I really appreciate the time and effort put into the programme and that it was made relevant to postdocs. What I absolutely missed was real “appreciation”, something like organisations saying thank you for your work.

We are aware that the situation for postdocs in Germany is particularly difficult and that a series of events is not going to change these conditions. However, this is also an opportunity for those affected to express their wishes and views.
Thank You
To everyone that participated in Germany’s first Postdoc Appreciation Week!
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