Recap PAW 2023

PAW 2023 The second Postdoc Appreciation Week in Germany
The second Postdoc Appreciation Week exceeded our expectations and we were amazed by the number of events and institutions joining us in 2023. More than 1500 people joined the events organised by 66 German institutions and networks. These activities and the social media campaign drew attention to relevant issues concerning the postdoc community in Germany. We are proud of expanding the reach of the Postdoc Appreciation Week and look forward to our next one.
Institutions & Networks
PAW 2023 Participating Institutions and Networks
The second Postdoc Appreciation Week in Germany was supported by renowned German Institutions and Postdoc Networks. We are proud and grateful for their vast support. This week would have not been possible without all your contributions!
Events PAW 2023
These were some of the events organised for the PAW 2023!
PAW 2023 Feedback
One of the aims of this week is to bring some of the pressing issues that postdocs face to the light. Therefore we collected feedback after the week. Here you can see some of the responses:
We are aware that the situation for postdocs in Germany is particularly difficult and that a series of events is not going to change these conditions. However, this is also an opportunity for those affected to express their wishes and views.

Thank you for the organization, it was a great event! I think the program with the opening and closing session made a very professional appearance and gave more weigth to the whole event, so I can image next year even more people are willing to engage.

I am very grateful that you started this initiative, I find it amazing and I really appreciate all the work that you do in the background! I think PAW not only puts postdocs and their hard work in the spotlight, but it also promotes reflection, constructive discussions and community-building.

Mariana Schulte-Sasse – DKFZ

PAW provides some useful information on the individual level, and I don’t want to blame the engaged educators working for PAW, but: Universities should stop investing so much effort in distractions from the real problem for postdocs: The bad working conditions and ubiquitous fix-term contracts. Try as they might, I won’t feel appreciated if my employer tells me for a week how important I am, while they are exploiting me on a daily basis!

Thank You
To everyone that participated in Germany’s second Postdoc Appreciation Week!
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