How to participate

How to participate in the PAW?
The Postdoc Appreciation Week is a celebratory week that gives us an opportunity to: Provide attention, visibility and support for postdocs | Support & highlight existing Postdoc Networks & Services | Better connect with each other | Integrate international postdocs. There are different ways you can participate, check the icons below to find out how.

You would like to host/organise an event for postdocs during paw and make it available to other postdocs in Germany? Scroll down for more information or click on the icon to go to our 'template for events' form. Once we receive all the relevant details about your event(s), we will include it in our event program and advertise it through our social media channels during the PAW.

Join the social media campaign and tag us (#PAWde). Create posts either sharing your experiences or your work as a postdoc in Germany. If you are joining the social media campaign on behalf of a institution, then mention how your institution is supporting postdocs or acknowledge their contributions.

Attend an Event

COMING SOON!!! You are a postdoc or just interested in any of the advertised events during the PAW? Check out our event program and register for any of the events. You can search for particular topics using keywords like 'career development', 'funding', etc. There are lots of events for you to pick.


Share our website and invite members of your institutions to participate in any of the activities offered during PAW, organise events or join the social media campaign.

Download the PAW Germany Toolkits here!
We have additionally put together two documents to provide you with more information on how to engage with the community and get involved in the Postdoc Appreciation Week! Hover and click on the icons below and download your copies now.

General Toolkit

We prepared this toolkit for all those who want to contribute to the PAW. It provides information on best practices for organising events and participating in the PAW. Be it as a professor or team leader, a postdoc network, or a postdoc service, you can use our recommendations to plan your events or social media activities.

Toolkit for PIs, Group Leaders and Professors

We created this toolkit to give professors, team leaders, and PIs guidance, as well as, best practice examples on how to participate in the PAW and show their appreciation for the contributions of postdocs in their groups.

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Are you interested in the Postdoc Appreciation Week? Reach out and find out how you can participate and join this celebratory week!
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