Becoming a good leader, not just a good scientist

What you need to know about leadership in science and why it is important to learn about it early on are the main focus of this talk. As a young, ambitious talent stepping into a leadership role, breaking away from outdated structures and norms is crucial for future success. In this workshop, our trainer, who has personally navigated a similar journey, will help you find your unique leadership style. She understand the challenges you face and the need for support in this process.

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Dr. Mona Friess is a coach for early career leaders. She finished her PhD in 2019 at the ETH Zurich and started working as a postdoc in Novartis. Dr. Friess encountered numerous challenging situations during her early career as a leader, navigating through uncharted territories with minimal guidance. She understands the unique struggles faced by emerging leaders and is committed to filling the void by leveraging her own experiences to provide invaluable support and guidance in their leadership journeys.
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The event is open to internal and external participants.

Postdocs and Junior Group Leaders

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