Postdoc Impulse: Competence profiles and career development

Following a competency-based approach, the participants are enabled to gain clarity about their own motives, strengths and potentials. On this basis, they can consistantly act in a goal-oriented manner and take congruent decisions regarding possible areas of personal growth. The participants are invited to develop a distinctive profile and learn strategies to communicate it in an effective way to potential employers or stakeholders.

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Valentina Vasilov is certified research integrity trainer, person centered-integrative coach (DACB, GwG), as well as facilitator in areas of career development and communication. She has many years of professional experience in doctoral education as well as working experience in diversity management in the academic field. As a member of the GC Plus Team she offers counselling to early career researchers and designs programmes and trainings for the development of transferable skills.
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The workshop is open to female postdocs of the University Alliance Ruhr and limited to 16 places.

Female postdocs of the UA Ruhr universities

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