Scitaris, a pharma and biotech R&D consulting

Career Talk: Scitaris today has grown to a team of 25 international PhD scientists supporting biopharma companies in the US and Europe from answering focused strategic and technical questions around single assets to full-blown portfolio management and corporate strategy. Dr. Sarah Oelsner, co-founder of Scitaris, will provide an overview of the range of projects Scitaris is working on and what to expect in a consulting career.

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Sarah and 2 other colleagues founded Scitaris in April 2019 – a boutique R&D life science strategy consultancy based in Berlin & Boston. The unifying conviction at Scitaris is that in the complex world of biopharma R&D, deep scientific and clinical understanding drive all viable business strategies and are crucial to successfully bring value to patients, drug developers and society.
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Postdocs, who are curious about interessting career options outside of academia

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