Alumni Gathering & SynAGE Award

As part of the PhD Starters Week, the RTG 2413 SynAGE would also like to take the opportunity to thank its former PhD candidates for their commitment and excellent scientific work. For this purpose, we have organized an Alumni Gathering, where our current PhD and MD candidates can exchange ideas with former ones. Moreover, we will present the SynAGE Award for special achievement in the RTG to former PhD candidates and meanwhile postdocs. Everybody interested is welcome to join!

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Spokesperson RTG 2413 SynAGE
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Die Veranstaltung ist vor allem für interne Mitglieder des GRK 2413 SynAGE. Interessierte (zukünftige) Postdocs sind herzlich willkommen!

Young postdocs and PhD/MD candidates will be invited to that network event.

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