Panel Discussion: Postdoc to PI

A panel of researchers who recently made the transition from Postdoc to PI will share their experiences about taking on a leadership role, the next step for many budding postdocs.

Some information about the panel discussion:
Climbing the academic ladder culminates in reaching the status of “full professor,” and so the focus of many postdoctoral trainings is on the appointment procedure (the “path to prof”). But there are many steps between PhD and Professor that often receive less attention. In this panel discussion, we will chat to three recently appointed group leaders about how they made the transition from postdoc to PI, the change in working environment, leadership skills, supervision PhD students for the first time, multiple-project management, lab management, writing grant proposals, sparking collaborations, tackling administration tasks and the growing responsibilities that accompany the title of group leader. If you are curious about what the next step will be like, or how you can prepare yourself and your CV to take the leap to group leader, join us in this hybrid event hosted by the PostdocPlus Team at GEOMAR!

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Junior Professor, RD3
Group Leader, RD2
Junior Professor, RD1
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The workshop is open to external and internal participants. There is a limited number of places on-site.

Postdocs not yet at the group leadership stage, but who plan to make this their next step in their academic career.

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